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Room booking: enjoy the benefits of a brand-new feature


August 22, 2022


June 16, 2023

Great news! Thanks to your feedback, we’ve designed our new and improved Room Booking feature with some fantastic upgrades you’ll love! Why have we made these changes? Because the workplace is evolving at a rapid pace.  We want to make sure to pay close attention to your requests and provide you with the most employee-centric workspace booking app. The makeover of this meeting room management system is exactly what it is about. Are your workers struggling to get access to a meeting space when they need it? Do you feel scheduling conflicts arise when your team is on-site? This impacts your employee experience and happiness, two aspects that are key to success. But don’t worry, the purpose of this feature is to help solve this issue. Are you curious to learn more about it? Here is what you need to know regarding modern meeting space management.

Room Booking: one workplace but various workspaces

Answer the need for a workspace makeover

Let’s start from the beginning and do a quick recap about what happened over the last few years in the workplace, shall we?

Office space planning is a very important topic for all companies that aim to embrace the future of work trends and meet their employees’ expectations. This reshuffle of workplace design results from many changes starting with the switch to a more employee-centric approach

Organizations collaborate with an unprecedented multigenerational workforce and each of these demographic groups has its own requirements. Now that we can return on-site, you need to understand what the ‘New Normal’ is. Some people wish to keep the privilege of working from home while others are exciting to sit at their desks again. For Gen Z, it might be the first time they meet their colleagues in real life and see the office. So how do you make all your employees happy? By adopting a hybrid work model!

👉​ Are you wondering how to manage a hybrid workspace? Request a demo of the deskbird app to discover the benefits of workspace booking and week planning!

Choose a modern office layout 

Reshaping your office layout has an impact on your employees’ happiness. With some people working remotely and others coming to the office a few days a week, having one desk per employee no longer really makes sense. Plus, there are other types of workspaces that can enhance interaction, collaboration, and productivity

Your office design should also reflect the needs of your employees as well as the tasks they have to complete. For example,  a data analyst probably wishes for a quiet area to focus more than an open space where everybody shares ideas loudly. Desk booking allows your team members to reserve their ideal workspace for the time they require. With a few clicks, they can book and plan their hybrid schedule according to their expectations!

open concept workplace with mac computers
Modern office layout

Say yes to different types of workspaces

As we’ve said, the work zones you choose to implement in your office must match your employees’ expectations. Here are a few examples of the types of workspaces you would see in a modern workplace:

  • single desks: classic but efficient, your employees will need to have their own area to concentrate on a specific task and get the job done at some point. It shouldn’t be the only option for your employees but they should still be to request it;
  • open spaces: it brings people together and fosters interactions among workers. Sharing knowledge and information is then a lot easier and quicker than walking from one part of the office to another;
  • conference and meeting rooms: a must-have for every business. These spaces serve many functions such as scheduling a brainstorming session with your team, planning one-to-one meetings, or having visitors in the office;
  • unconventional workspaces: rooms for chilling with plugs and sofas, coffee shops, a sunny terrace–let your employees work where they feel the most comfortable and productive. Coming to the office no longer means working seating on a chair in front of a single (sad) desk!

Mix and match to create the perfect workplace

Employees all have different needs in terms of workspace. They sometimes need to work in an open space if they spend a lot of time interacting with their colleagues. Or, they are more motivated when surrounded by others. However, introverted or hypersensitive people can feel uncomfortable or struggle to concentrate in a room full of people and noise. For them, the answer would be quiet areas in the office. The ideal solution is to build a working environment with a mix of different workspaces. Everybody can book the working spot they prefer and and work in the best conditions.

👉 How to know which type of workspaces your workers need? Check out your workplace analytics and use our hybrid office calculator to make the most of your office space!

desk with desktop laptop and tablet
Organized desk area

Meeting room management system: introducing the new deskbird feature

How to install the deskbird Room Booking feature?

The deskbird app enables your team to arrange all sorts of work areas. They can even reserve their parking spot in advance (how cool is that?) Because of the high demand for a meeting room management system, we wanted to upgrade our services to meet the needs of the modern workforce and businesses. In a glimpse, you now have a calendar view that allows you to quickly see which conference or meeting rooms are available.

This feature has its own tab called ‘Room Booking’ in the ‘Book’ section. From there, your employees can access all the information they require to organize their hybrid schedule appropriately. There are a few aspects that have been implemented to provide them with the best space reservation experience and to answer their needs.

group of co workers in meeting room discussing
Team utilizing meeting room

What are the characteristics your employees will love?

Our focus is and always will be on helping workers and managers to embrace all the benefits of flexible work. We believe that the most effective way to do so is by analyzing your feedback and figuring out how our workplace technology can support your hybrid teams in their daily life. Our deskbird app is available on the web and mobile. This allows your staff to use it from anywhere and at any time.

With this feature, you will enjoy:

  • a room’s capacity overview;
  • a brief description of each meeting space;
  • a picture of the room;
  • an interactive floor plan;
  • an option to synchronize this feature with your Google or Outlook calendar. 

Are you looking for a solution to avoid scheduling conflicts? By synchronizing Room Booking with your other platforms, this problem is solved! 

👉 Do you want to make your employees’ lives easier? Discover our week planning feature!

We hope you enjoy our new meeting room management system and that it will help your hybrid teams plan their week and book their favorite workspace when needed!

Feel free to send us some feedback about Room Booking or start a free trial of the deskbird app if you don’t use it yet!

Room booking: enjoy the benefits of a brand-new feature

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