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Office space planning: 6 key factors to focus on


April 27, 2022


May 24, 2023

As our work environment is changing, our workspaces evolve too. The positive outcomes from focusing on employees’ well-being have lately played a part in the reshuffling of working policies and workspace design. It can have a real impact on workforce productivity. Is your workplace design arranged to enhance teamwork? Can people have their own assigned desk when they need it? Do they feel comfortable or anxious when coming to the office? In this article, deskbird is sharing how to create an office building layout that will change your employees’ experience at work. From collaborative space ideas to the creation of a safe and healthy environment, we decided to highlight 6 aspects of office space planning that really make the difference. Step by step, we share with you the most important features to build a workspace that matches everybody’s needs. 

What is office space planning?

The definition of office space planning is quite simple. It is the process of designing a workspace that answers the company as much as the employees’ needs. Not only it is used to maximise space efficiency but also to improve creativity and productivity among the workforce. Workers should enjoy coming to the office knowing they will be able to work and collaborate in the best conditions. This includes having access to the right equipment and technology in addition to feeling motivated and inspired by their surroundings. 

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Indeed, planning the office structure and design also includes focusing on the atmosphere you want to build. A certain vibe within the workspace is created according to your choice of furniture, the floor plan layout itself and the decoration you opt for. On one hand, adding plants and chilling areas will, for example, trigger the well-being of your employees. Consequently, it will lead to more creativity as well as engagement. On the other hand, not planning some individual desks and quiet zones may create anxiety. In fact, this lack of access to a place to concentrate on important tasks can cause frustration and stress. 

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How to plan out office space in 6 steps?

1. Analyse the current use of the workspace 

Before starting to plan anything, and especially if you are a hybrid company, you need to analyse the actual use of your office space. How many people are allowed to come on-site each day? Are there more or fewer people coming than the actual allowed number? 

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It is also important to observe how the different zones are occupied. Are people using more collaboration rooms, individual desks or relaxing areas? For instance, if your team members are working on their computers sitting on the sofas instead of enjoying a proper table, ask them why? It might be that they feel more productive in this kind of space instead of a single workstation with a simple desk and a hard chair. This is exactly where our new feature week planning comes into play.

2. Include your employees in the process

The way you use your office space depends on your industry, but not only. It also relies on which kind of environment enhances productivity among your team. To collect their feedback, you can start to share with them your desire to transform the workspace into a more productive and positive office layout. Then, you can either ask them directly how they feel about the current use of it and what they think is missing or send online surveys. By doing so, you are making sure to set up an office space that is matching your employees’ needs. On top of that, you are showing them that their well-being matters to you. 

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3. Take into account your workplace culture

Your office building layout should also reflect your corporate culture. Imagine that you are promoting teamwork and asking your workforce to perform collaboratively but they continuously struggle to find a space to meet. Would it make sense? It would simply create frustration and disappointment. 

They would have the feeling the corporate values you are trying to encourage are not genuine. Moreover, it would be difficult for leaders and employees to apply organisational values. In the long run, this is not something you want to experience as it can have severe impacts on your business. To put it in a nutshell, always try to build an office space that echoes your workplace culture.

4. Prioritise variety in your floor plan structure

An ideal office layout needs to be balanced for it to work. A structure only with individual desks is not appropriate anymore. Nevertheless, an office space just based on collaborative workspaces is not working for everybody and every job position either.

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According to the results of your analysis and your employees’ feedback, it is important that you try to find a fair mix between assigned workstations, meeting rooms, one-on-one conference spaces,  huddle areas, etc. You also need to consider the concept behind it. Is your office space going to be planned as an open space design, a hot-desking system, an activity-based working concept or something else?

5. Maintain the health and safety aspects of the office area

More than ever, creating a safe and healthy workplace is crucial. It doesn’t only require following the common Occupational Health and Safety guidelines, but also includes building a place where social distancing is possible when needed. Within a traditional office structure, you can either remove desks and chairs or ban some workstations to maintain a correct distance between workers. 

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However, for a hybrid company, some extra attention is required. Workers need to know before coming to the office if there are still enough free desks to respect those safety rules. To resolve this potential issue, the deskbird app offers an office map. Team members can see the available spots and book in advance. An interactive floor plan also allows them to know in real-time if there is any free desk left.

6. Think about your company growth and future needs

Like any business, you are probably willing to grow and expand your activity. If set up correctly, your office layout and the 6 steps we’ve just shared with you can create the right environment to help your company grow. For this reason, this is something you should take into account when focusing on your workplace design. Ending up within a few months with obsolete office space that doesn’t meet your capacity needs and your employees’ requirements is the last thing you want. You need to keep in mind your goals and adapt the configuration of your workplace to this aspect.

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Why is the deskbird hot-desking software helping you with your office building layout?

Deskbird supports all companies based on a hybrid office layout. Our goal is to provide you with a shared desk reservation system to manage your office space and meet your employees' requirements. However, thanks to our technology, you can also focus on several office space planning issues that might need your attention.

For example, our hot-desking software helps you to analyse how your office is used by your employees and point out their needs. You can see the number of people in the office each day, which areas are booked the most and for how long. From your observations and analysis, you can then arrange your office space accordingly. However, keep in mind that even if this tool gives you a clear idea about what your needs are, your employee’s feedback is equally important. 

Moreover, our people-centric features have been created to make everybody’s lives easier. For instance, the deskbird app supports you in keeping a safe workspace thanks to an integrated health feature called the Covid-19 screening tool. Besides, our interactive floor plan feature allows employees to maintain social distancing when required. Nevertheless, it is also a great tool for space users to find their team members and work together when possible.

Last but not least, as we mentioned above, our strength is our people-centric approach. We believe people are the core of a company's success. For this reason, we listen to your needs and help you discover what your collaborators’ requirements are.

Office space planning is an important topic to consider when it comes to creating a positive atmosphere in the workplace. Furthermore, its optimisation can really enhance the well-being and the productivity of your employees. However, you now know that it is also an aspect that requires some upstream work. By following those 6 tips, you are on the right path to make your office building layout a place where efficiency and creativity bloom. Once you are all set, feel free to contact the deskbird team and discover our user-friendly space management software!


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Office space planning: 6 key factors to focus on