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Smart workplace: the perfect mix between humanity & technology


July 26, 2022


May 24, 2023

What are your favorite virtual communication tools? What office technology do you use to improve your workspace? How do you digitally boost your team to embrace hybrid work? The rapid development of tech enables you to transform your business into a smart workplace. The post-pandemic workforce is now familiar with online collaboration platforms such as Slack, MS Teams, and  Zoom. Not only does intelligent technology help meet the needs of remote staff, but it also supports you and your employees when on-site. From automated HVAC to desk booking software and virtual reality training, the way we work has taken a sharp turn. So what is a smart office? What does it look like in real life and how does it benefit successful companies? Here is key information for adopting the future of work trends successfully  by creating a balanced relationship between human abilities and tech capacities.

What is a smart workplace?

A smart workplace is an office where modern technology is used to help the business and its employees grow and thrive. Since COVID-19 arrived, it has played a major role in the development of new ways of working. Most importantly, new work trends focus more on employee experience and enhancing productivity. For example, automation offers a large variety of digital solutions that reduce the amount of repetitive and low-valued processes. Consequently, people have more time for meaningful tasks. They can finally make better use of their skills and concentrate on their goals with purpose.

Laptop and monitor set up on desk
Monitor and laptop work set up.

What are examples of smart offices?

Communication apps

Bad communication can have serious consequences on many aspects of a business. It can negatively impact workforce performance, productivity, and motivation. How are your employees supposed to stay motivated and work effectively if they miss some information because there is no proper communication strategy? The rise of remote working opportunities increases the need for efficient digital communication tools such as Slack, Zoom, and  Google Meet, for example. These platforms now represent some of the most commonly used technologies in the workplace.

Space management software

The office building is evolving to become more sustainable and employee-focused. Companies are also rethinking their office design to adapt to the needs of a multigenerational workforce and optimize the space. A mix of collaborating spaces, meeting rooms, single desks, and other types of workspaces now replace old working areas with only individual desks. Occupancy sensors, desk booking software, and interactive floor plans are examples of smart workplace technology that improve the use of the physical office. Office building management is also experiencing a turning point as facility leaders rely more on workplace techs such as smart lighting or building management tools.

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Virtual reality training devices

The long period of quarantine and social distance rules are no longer a problem for training as virtual reality (VR) is entering our professional lives. Because training has been put on hold during the pandemic, VR device providers have been given the opportunity to show companies the key advantages of their technology. On top of supplying a great solution for training workers under any circumstances, it also allows for practice without the risk of real consequences. Virtual reality training machines respond to  employees’ expectations in terms of reskilling, upskilling, and personal growth while allowing organizations to train their workforce from anywhere.

Woman wearing virtual reality goggles
Woman using virtual reality goggles at work.

Project management platforms

Are you looking for a solution to centralize all the data for the project your team is working on? How do you track the performance of your hybrid teams and follow up on their advancement? Workplace technology, such as project management platforms like Trello or Notion, supports managers and their staff in being more efficient, organized, and successful.  In a glimpse, employees have access to the documents or information they require to achieve their tasks. They can also easily check for the next steps and the progress of their colleagues so that they can work accordingly.

Hybrid work tools

Increased job flexibility is a benefit of the work processes of these last years and digital tools are a key supporter of its prominence and success. Switching from a 100% on-site model to a hybrid work model demands a few adjustments. Why would you keep 50 single desks if the workplace analytics collected from your desk booking app shows that only 10 are occupied daily? Allowing people to operate from anywhere at any time when using a  flexitime policy requires very good organization. Modern technology also includes week planning platforms that enable your team members to plan their week in a few clicks. Do you provide parking lots for your office ? Using smart parking solutions have also become more popular for modern businesses.

Health and safety solutions

Ensuring the health and safety of your workforce is essential. However, the rules, regulations and procedures to achieve this goal vary according to your sector of activity.The OHS regulations are obviously different when it comes to managing a hospital staff in comparison to office employees, for example. Within offices, health and safety solutions can include:

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What are the benefits of office technology?

Key support for  reducing your carbon footprint and budget

Planet is sending  us clear signals that sustainable actions need to be put in place in every aspect of our lives, including at work. Smart office buildings have an advantage in comparison to other workspaces as intelligent technology can help reduce carbon impact. Sensor systems and automation enable the regulation of lighting, heating, cooling, or LED UV printing, for instance. Office space optimization allows organizations to use their buildings in a smarter and more eco-friendly manner too. Finally, letting your employees bring their own device (BYOD) is also reduces the use of resources. Why would they need to have a computer at home and another one at work ? It might not be the best for the IT market, but using only one device for personal and one for professional use is definitely a step towards helping the planet. Data security is already a priority for smart tech companies as the adoption of flexible work models is rising.

Better employee experience enhanced by office technology

How do you build your workplace culture? What is your HR strategy to attract and retain talent? Employee experience plays a major role in this topic. Losing twenty minutes at the beginning of the day by searching for a free desk causes anxiety and frustration. Office technology such as a desk booking solution with an interactive floor plan removes unnecessary stress and enhances  the workforce experience. Using an employee engagement app and workplace analytics also helps businesses determine levels of satisfaction and happiness at work. With your observations and the feedback collected in parallel, you can then make smart decisions to improve the workspace. 

two employees working on laptops and communicating though Slack messaging
Employees communicating through Slack

Productivity booster for the smart workplace

There is nothing more frustrating than searching for an online document for ages or having to redo a task because of a lack of communication. Because it assists your workforce in their regular operations, creating a smart workplace with the right tools directly results in greater employee performance and productivity. By letting automation and Artificial Intelligence take over tasks with low value and support your team members in their daily work, their engagement and experience in the workplace will increase. The implementation of smart devices gives them the chance to be more creative and use their top skills to optimally complete their job . Productivity does not only mean making more in a short period of time, it also includes quality. Tech can help boost both how quickly work is completed and its quality.

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More promising hybrid teams collaborations

Many teams now have to work from different  places and at varying  times , there is a  necessity for hybrid teams to use collaboration tools. From digital communication software to VR devices and room scheduling, the market for flexible work offers many solutions. To meet your employees’ expectations, it is essential to identify and analyze their needs by both collecting data and feedback as well as listening to their requests. Where do they struggle? How can you support them and improve their experience? Each business has its own requirements, but there is one thing for sure, finding the perfect tool for your workforce is becoming  easier with the new technology constantly being released. 

According to the Smart Workplace Global Market Report 2022, the market size in 2022 is expected to reach $38.07 billion in 2022 and $60.60 billion in 2026 at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 12.3%. Have you started to adapt to these changes and enjoy the benefits of office technology? deskbird supports you in doing so by providing your company with the best people-centric workspace booking solution. Tailor-made and equipped with employee scheduling software, an interactive floor plan, a mobile and web version, and many more features, our desk booking app enables your staff to make hybrid work!

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Smart workplace: the perfect mix between humanity & technology

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