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What are the best apps for professionals? A quick guideline for all companies


July 11, 2022


September 13, 2023

The way we work today and how we used to perform 20 years ago has changed drastically. The development of automation and Artificial Intelligence helps organizations increase efficiency and productivity. Workplace tech can appear in multiple forms from automated emailing to robotization or workplace apps. Which type of applications and software do you use in your business? How do they support your workforce in their daily tasks?

In a world where we are constantly surrounded by digitalization, using technology in the workplace is not an option anymore. Yet, each company has different needs and you must find the right tools to enjoy the benefits of technology. Work applications are essential to enhancing the employee experience by delivering better communication, operation, and collaboration. Here is a rundown of the best apps for professionals that will uplift both  small firms and big corporations. 

Meaning of workplace apps

A workplace app is a platform or software that aims to improve professional environments. They support the daily tasks of facility managers, team leaders, Human Resources staff, and employees. As technology is guiding more of our work, workplace apps play a key role in improving optimization, management, and productivity.

Every business that is embracing the future of work is now looking at the best digital solutions on the market. Because it can be hard to keep up with the many new apps coming out, we wanted to give you an overview of the best applications for professionals. Office apps are divided into several main types among which you can find:

  • communication and collaboration tools; 
  • hybrid work digital solutions;
  • organizational work platforms;
  • employee wellness apps;
  • safety workplace apps.

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Work apps for better communication and collaboration

Is there anything worse for a team than poor communication? With greater work flexibility, your internal communication strategy needs to be on point. For this reason, using the right digital communication and collaboration resources is a must. To ensure a smooth and effective workflow among your teams, on-site and remote workers largely depend on chat tools, video conference platforms, and Cloud services. Here are the top 5 communication apps:

  • Slack: the famous app that allows employees to create different groups of conversations and project discussions as well as send direct messages. Slack provides a fast, intuitive, and secure collaboration and communication platform.
  • MS Teams: very similar to Slack, this Microsoft software enables hybrid teams to make simple calls, attend video conferences meetings, write direct messages, and store files. With MS Teams, your flexible workforce can stay connected, informed, and organized.
  • Chanty: an all-in-one app that enhances team collaboration and productivity. This messaging solution offers unlimited message history, stores your data, and supports you with task management.
  • Google Meet: another popular online meeting software offered by Google to fill remote workers’ needs. It is directly integrated into Google Workspace to ensure a smooth workflow between teams.
  • Zoom: a secure video platform that is also well-known by companies for its services like virtual meetings, digital events, chat, phone calls, webinars, etc. This communication app is free for calls below 40 minutes.

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Two women collaborating on project.

Best apps for professionals in a  hybrid workplace

Switching from a traditional work model to a hybrid model is a huge step towards answering the needs of the modern workforce and taking your employee experience to the next level! Workplace apps can certainly support you and your staff in getting the best outcomes from a flexible workspace and hybrid management. These are 4 of the best apps for professionals working in a hybrid workplace:

  • deskbird app: the best desk booking app and week planning system for hybrid companies. deskbird is a people-first software that provides a hybrid space solution helping your workers embrace the benefits of flexible work and allowing you to optimize your office space.
  • Freshdesk: a helpdesk software that supports your teams in creating a strong customer relationship and experience from anywhere. The basic features include email ticketing, live chat, and call assistance.
  • M-Files: a metadata-driven platform that enables your teams to easily manage, find, and track documents. It also automatizes processes and reinforces the control of information. M-Files enhances efficiency, security, and employee productivity.
  • CloudApp: an instant video and image sharing app for businesses considered the “world’s leading visual communication platform” (source: Mac App Store).

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Manager taking calls.

Digital tools for a better organization

One of the best advantages of the rise of technology in the workplace is the variety of applications created to enhance a better organization in our professional lives. From to-do list apps to project management platforms and note-taking software, organizing has never been easier! Here are our favorite digital resources for becoming more efficient:

  • Notion: a customizable collaborative platform to help teams get organized and boost creativity. With its synchronization options, it is the perfect tool to build a smooth workflow, and gather all your content (documents, links, images, videos, etc.) in one place.
  • Friday: a Slack-based communication solution assisting managers and HR leaders in tracking projects, performance, and goals.
  • Asana: an organization tool that will help make your smallest ideas into your biggest projects. In a glimpse, Asana helps hybrid teams organize their workflow and focus on the projects no matter where they work!
  • Trello: a flexible project management app that creates a better workflow and also provides a time tracking feature. Thanks to its built-in automation system, you can finally concentrate on meaningful tasks and let robots do the rest!
  • Any.do: a productivity platform and award winner! It is a to-do list, calendar, and planner app which supports employees to be organized and get things done more efficiently.
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Thought bubble organisation system

Applications for employees’ wellness

A big part of employee experience relies on employee well-being. How do you improve your workforce experience? What is your strategy to make sure your workers are happy? Workplace wellness apps can support you in focusing on this key aspect of your business. Because having an employee-centric approach is an important topic for us, we selected our five favorite employees’ wellness apps:

  • Headspace: a meditation app to reduce stress and anxiety. Headspace can help your employees relax and therefore have a better ability to focus on their tasks. A calm mind also results in more creativity and innovation.
  • Limeade: an employee experience platform that supports businesses in improving the well-being of their workforce. It focuses on multiple aspects like wellness, inclusivity, or engagement for example, in order to create a positive workplace culture
  • Wellable: a workplace app that empowers companies to create successful wellness programs. Wellable helps boost engagement, well-being at work, and employee experience.
  • Woliba: a tailored-made and cloud-based wellness app focusing on WOrk-LIfe BAlance. Woliba helps to create a culture in the workplace, improve workplace well-being and foster engagement among teams.

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Woman listening to music on headphones in bed
Woman listening to meditation on her break.

Workplace technology for safety

Last but not least, how can workplace apps help you meet the OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) regulations? You have multiple choices when it comes to technology related to safety at work. Each sector has its own requirements. However, the three following apps can be used by any company:

  • iAuditor: “​​a mobile inspection app that helps raise safety and quality standards across the organization by digitizing business checklists and forms” (source: Apple App Store). This workplace app enables your workforce to notify areas of improvement, share reports and collaborate.
  • First Aid App: the app that can help you save a life. For personal or professional use, this online resource is a must as it gives you access to the most common first-aid techniques. We recommend you download the Global Red Cross First Aid App as you can customize it according to your country. 
  • WorkPose: a platform that provides people with significant ergonomic methods to reduce back, neck, shoulders, and hand pain when working in front of a computer. WorkPose represents a key tool for employees sitting at a desk for multiple hours a day.

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As you can see, workplace apps can benefit employers and workers in various aspects. From organizational purpose to employee experience and hybrid space management, these digital resources can assist teams and improve their experience in many ways. Keep in mind that your employees are your strongest asset.  As a result, the best apps for professionals are those that meet their needs. If you are looking for a hybrid work solution, the deskbird app is a key support tool for hybrid teams and companies.

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What are the best apps for professionals? A quick guideline for all companies

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