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Covid screening at work: make it simple with deskbird’s latest feature


October 13, 2021


June 16, 2023

How did coronavirus impact your business? Every single company worldwide has had to change its way of working over the last months and will continue to do so in the upcoming years. The pandemic does not seem to leave us alone, even though we all make a lot of efforts in our daily lives. So how to make sure your employees feel safe and protected when coming back to the office? deskbird gives you some tips, including the Covid screening at work and, introduces you to its latest feature: the Covid-19 screening tool

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COVID-19 vaccination tracking
Covid screening deskbird software
GDPR-compliant COVID-19 solution

How to create a healthy and safe workplace during the pandemic?

Promoting Covid-19 health gestures

The longer the coronavirus pandemic lasts, the more we tend to “forget” or be less strict about the basic gestures that can protect our lives. Therefore, here is a quick reminder of the basic Covid-19 health gestures to be promoted at work as much as anywhere else: 

  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly;
  • Cough or sneeze in your elbow;
  • Air the close spaces every hour;
  • Maintain distance between each other as much as you can.
COVID-19 solution for organizations
Covid-19 screening tool for a safe workplace

To organise your office layout in order to help your workforce to keep a safe necessary distance, our desk booking app is tailor-made. You can contact us to get more information about how desk reservation software works and its benefits for you and your team members.

Encouraging remote work

Keeping a distance at the office can be tricky if your workplace does not have enough space or an office layout that doesn’t allow you to do so. This is one of the numerous reasons for encouraging remote work.

Enabling work from home lowers the chances to have too many people in an enclosed area at the same time. Nowadays, many businesses have chosen a hybrid work model for their workforce, balancing between working from home and from the office a few days a week or less. This concept is going to increase even more within the next few years according to the Workplace Trends for 2022.

➡️ If you want to learn more about what the future of work will look like in 2022, we encourage you to read our article about workplace trends

Communicating about the latest updates regularly

After almost two years of pandemic, everybody starts to be tired of listening to the news about this topic. Meanwhile, it is totally understandable, it can also be risky if your employees don’t know the latest updates and regulations. To keep every employee aware of the current situation and, if necessary, the adoption of new rules, it is key to update and communicate your Covid-19 workplace guidelines.

Vaccination tracking
Vaccination tracking

No need to say that informing your collaborators about any contact cases or Covid-19 cases within the company is the first thing you should do to protect them from not getting contaminated.

What is our tool for Covid screening at work?

Helping companies to set up a pleasant hybrid office layout as well as creating a safe and employees’ first environment is at the center of our mission. For this reason, taking into account the current situation and helping you to comply with Covid rules and regulations at work is high up on our top list.

As each business can be submitted to different regulations, our screening tool can be set up according to your own company’s rules and policies. Administrators can add vaccination, recovery, or test confirmations including expiry dates to an employee’s account. Only with a valid record or a confirmation to comply with rules, employees can then book resources in the office.

The Covid-19 recovery/vaccination/test tracking system is directly connected to the desk booking space. Thus, administrators are able to see who is at the office, where, when, and if the person complies with the 3G principle and other measures that might be taken. If a person is declared positive to Covid-19, team members who have been working on the same days or in the same areas can be notified to avoid more cases.

On one side, we wish we never had to create this feature to get out of this health crisis. On the other side, we are happy to provide you with this new feature that will help you protect your employees and work in a safer workplace. 

Building a hybrid office layout that matches employees’ needs, enhances a positive workplace culture as well as complies with Covid-19 workplace regulations is not easy. It takes time and commitment, but we can help you achieve this goal.

➡️ If you need more information about our desk booking software and our new Covid-19 screening tool, our team will be glad to show you a demo!

Covid screening at work: make it simple with deskbird’s latest feature

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