Efficiency redefined: why Headstart Studios swears by deskbird

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Efficiency redefined: why Headstart Studios swears by deskbird

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October 8, 2021


Headstart Studios are rethinking marketing training

Hamburg-based e-learning provider Headstart Studios has always been one step ahead of time. Since 2016, they have been offering online learning programs in marketing and leadership that are collaborative, modern, effective and simply fun.

Headstart Studios is fully in line with the trend and in a very short time the team has grown from a few to 50 employees. The office in the middle of Hamburg was the heart and center of activity for a long time, until the arrival of the pandemic in March 2020 sent everyone to the home office for the time being. However, as soon as it was possible again, the desire to return to the office quickly became apparent among the employees. No sooner said than done? But it wasn't quite that simple. A new way of thinking was needed.


The New Normal

Even before the pandemic, employees at Headstart Studios were able to work from home or on the road from time to time. The young and dynamic team liked this because, with an average age of 33, everyone at Headstart Studios belongs to the digital native generation. Even after the home office phase, they could not imagine returning to the office 5 days a week and still wanted a lot of flexibility.

At the same time, the number of employees was growing steadily, there was a shortage of office space at Headstart Studios, and some new employees no longer had their own desk. While this was not a problem during the pandemic, a solution was needed for the return to the office.

All these developments led to the introduction of desk sharing at Headstart Studios. But easier said than done, the next question arose: How to organize who comes to the office when and who sits where? That was the starting point of the search for a simple solution to enable a smooth back to office.


Introducing deskbird

Headstart Studios launched the Back To Office Initiative, a project group consisting of employees from various departments. One of their tasks was to find a tool that could be used to organize desk sharing.

Two software providers made it into the final selection and were put through their paces. In the end, the testers chose deskbird. The decisive criteria were the look and feel of the app, the presence of all desired functions, an attractive price-performance ratio, and conformity with data protection laws in Germany.

The introduction of deskbird also went smoothly. Senior HR Manager Sophia introduced the new tool to the entire company in the "All Hands" team meeting and also took time for questions and assistance for individual teams.

She also appreciated the easy onboarding via Azure AD, as employees did not have to create a new account. In the event of minor problems, deskbird support was always on hand and questions could be clarified quickly.


Today, deskbird is used independently by all employees because it is so self-explanatory. Acceptance was high right from the start and everyone diligently books desks in our office.

Sophia Labuda

Senior HR Manager, Headstart Studios


Back to the office is fun

Successful introduction of desk sharing

Giving up your beloved desk completely is not everyone's cup of tea. With deskbird, however, Headstart Studios was able to successfully introduce the new desk sharing concept and employees love it!

Fostering of diversity and collaboration

Today, teams mix in the office, workstations are rotated and everyone sits next to different colleagues. This supports cohesion and exchange at Headstart Studios.

High popularity of deskbird

deskbird was the No. 1 answer to the question of what employees particularly like about coming back to the office! 70% named the app in an employee survey as part of the Back To Office initiative.

Efficiency redefined: why Headstart Studios swears by deskbird