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March 4, 2024


March 5, 2024 VS deskbird: all you need to know

Flexible work arrangements have made efficient desk management solutions essential for optimizing office spaces. and deskbird platforms offer unique features to accommodate the dynamic needs of hybrid workplaces. Let's delve into a comparative analysis of these two solutions.

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deskbird key features:

  • Ease of booking: offers a 2-click desk booking system for desks and resources, simplifying the reservation process​​.
  • Real-time updates: provides real-time office attendance and event updates, allowing employees to align their schedules with office events​​.
  • Data compliance: GDPR compliant and with ISO certification, deskbird caters to businesses with stringent data privacy requirements​​.
  • Calendar synchronization: offers bi-directional sync with Outlook and Google Calendar, ensuring meeting invites and room bookings are updated seamlessly.
  • Resource prioritization: allows defining priority access to specific resources, an exclusive feature that could benefit large organizations with tiered access needs. key features:

  • Mobile app: for convenient workspace booking and check-in.
  • Advanced user management: with customizable permissions.
  • Single sign-on integration: with major platforms like Google and Microsoft Azure.
  • ​​Search function to locate colleagues in the office.
  • ​​Analysis tools for office space occupancy.
  • Detailed and interactive seating plans to find and book seats.

Integration capabilities

Both and deskbird boast robust integration capabilities, but only deskbird stands out with its full integration with MS Teams, Slack, Outlook, and Google Calendar, presenting a seamless experience for users already within these ecosystems​​​​.

Customer testimonials

Testimonials are a testament to a product's real-world applicability. deskbird has received accolades for its user-friendly interface and responsive customer service​​. Don’t take our word for it - hear what the customers say!

"The solution is easy to set up, the administration is intuitive, and even non-IT employees can manage it without problems."
"Integration with teams, along with the app on the cell phone, helps to ensure consistent use of the tool."
"After an intensive evaluation, we finally decided on deskbird because of the best price-performance ratio. In the POC phase, deskbird had by far the best usability rating among our users."

Source: G2

Pricing structure 

  • Corporate: €1.65 per user/month, including essential functions like desk booking and parking space booking.
  • Enterprise: starting at €2.20 per user per month, adds features like meeting room bookings.
  • Enterprise Plus: quote available upon request.


  • Basic plan: priced at €1.80/user/month with a yearly plan, offering basic workspace booking and schedule syncing​​.
  • Business plan: the most popular choice at €3.80/user/month, includes additional features like interactive floor plans and office analytics​​.
  • Enterprise plan: custom pricing for large organizations, providing extensive security and privacy configurations​​.

Feature name deskbird
Native mobile apps & web app Y Y
MS Teams integration Y Y
Slack integration Y N
Interactive floor plans Y Y
Multiple resource types Y Y
Week planning/scheduling Y Y
Outlook & GCal sync Y N
Office events Y N
Office analytics Y Y
Workforce analytics Y Y
Priority access to resources Y N
Booking reminder notifications Y Y
Bi-directional meeting room sync Y Y
SCIM sync Y Y
HRIS sync Y Y
Custom data privacy configurations Y Y
Multi-tenant Y Y
Dedicated CSM Y Y
AD integration Y Y
GDPR compliant Y Y
Access restrictions Y Y

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