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deskbird vs. Gingco: which workplace management tool wins the race?


April 24, 2024


April 30, 2024

deskbird and Gingco offer unique features to streamline hybrid office operations. But which one is the right fit for your company? Let's dive into a detailed comparison.

Features highlights


  • It offers numerous social features, like "office events" or "social feed," which give employees the visibility they need, from colleagues in the office to the latest office events.
  • It fully integrates with HRIS systems, MS Teams, Google, Outlook, Azure, and Slack, expanding its connectivity with essential workplace tools.
  • Users can be assigned priority access to their resources, or access can be restricted for efficient utilization.
  • Enables multiple-day bookings to reduce daily booking hassle.
  • Provides native iOS and Android apps for full accessibility.


  • Combines conference management and smart desk sharing in one system.
  • Offers intuitive booking interfaces, various search options, scheduling for single or recurring meetings, and cross-time zone bookings.
  • Displays and booking kiosks.
  • Various software modules (like visitor, presence, messaging, and news/announcement).
  • Enables direct room bookings from the Outlook calendar.
  • Native apps for iOS and Android.

Added value

Social collaboration: the heart of deskbird

deskbird starts strongly highlighting the social aspect of the office environment. It's designed not just as a tool for booking desks and meeting rooms like Gingco does but also as a platform to improve and facilitate collaboration among employees. With deskbird, users can book desks near their favorite colleagues and track where team members plan to work. 

Bringing people back to the office

deskbird's feature lets employees see which days are popular, reducing 'ghost-days' and commute time and encouraging a stronger office presence. Customers have been enjoying this feature since day one! Gingco, on the other hand, does not offer employees a weekly status setting or colleague overview so they can make better decisions about when to come in.

Intuitive and easy to use 

By offering a modern user interface with a simple, intuitive design, deskbird appeals to the "new generation" of employees. In contrast, Gingco's interface might resonate less with younger teams or those seeking a fresher approach.

Seamless integration and training

Integration with existing office tools is another area where deskbird stands out.

deskbird appears to outpace Gingco with its integration capabilities (MS Team, Personio, Slack, and more), notably lacking HRIS and Slack integrations, for example. Integrations are vital for many businesses that rely on these platforms for day-to-day operations. deskbird is also very easy to implement, requiring no user training - another plus on usability.

Office function and safety

When it comes to safety features, deskbird announces exciting new features coming soon, such as the ability to track who is in the office during emergencies and identify the location of first aiders – a crucial aspect of workplace management.

Saving time and improving efficiency

Efficiency is the name of the game for deskbird, which offers features that save administrative time. A few examples: deskbird allows admins to assign users several available roles with varying levels of permissions. It’s also possible for admins to import, edit, or delete users in bulk via CSV files and update opening days and hours, booking configurations, or check-in types.



  • Basic plan: priced at €1.95/user/month with a yearly plan, offering basic workspace booking and schedule syncing .
  • Business plan: the most popular choice at €3.95/user/month, includes additional features like interactive floor plans and office analytics.
  • Enterprise plan: custom pricing for large organizations, providing extensive security and privacy configurations.


It offers different licensing and rental models tailored to various business needs, but pricing is only available upon contacting its team.

User feedback

G2 customers have rated deskbird 4.5 stars for its excellent customer service and user-friendly interface. Users enjoy its easy setup and intuitive administration, making it a popular choice.

Gingco customer testimonials are not provided in the available data.


deskbird wins the race to the top

While Gincgco provides a solid foundation for corporate office management, deskbird pulls ahead with its strong focus on social aspects, seamless integrations, and additional features that cater to the modern workforce's needs.

With its focus on efficiency, user-friendly interface, and commitment to bringing people together in the office, deskbird is positioned as the preferred choice for companies looking to invest in an effective and future-proof office management tool.

Discover how deskbird can transform your office experience: book a free demo today!