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5 reasons why hybrid companies attract new talent


May 18, 2022


May 24, 2023

The Great Resignation has been showing that, nowadays, if workers are not happy with their work  life, they are not worried about quitting and looking for a new job. People focus a lot more on what matters in terms of career growth, work-life balance and well-being instead of salary for example. So what are they exactly looking for? How can you attract new talent and retain new hires for good? These are the main questions currently on the table in many HR departments. As a recruitment team, you need to understand which aspect of work employees are paying attention to and what can make them want to apply for your company. Have you maintained the hybrid work model put in place during the pandemic or have you moved back to the traditional work system? If you have a “work from anywhere” policy, is it still in place? Here are some very important questions to consider when it comes to talent attraction. In this article, we share with you 5 reasons why hybrid work is a major factor in fetching new employees to your organisation.

Reason 1: Offering a High Salaries Only One of Many Criteria That Attracts New Talent

Priorities have changed in the world of work. While salary is still an important factor when it comes to deciding to apply for a new company or not, other aspects can sometimes play a bigger part in the balance. Some of the questions that are a rising before candidates send their applications are:

●     How will my work-life balance be impacted? Will it be better or worse?

●     What is the culture of this workplace? Is it matching my personal values?

●     Will this job position give me more autonomy and flexibility?

Hybrid work is a common answer to many of these questions. Finding an equilibrium between personal and professional life is one of the main benefits of working for a hybrid company. The same goes for workplace culture. Attracting new talent is easier for organisations that focus on employee-centricity. Therefore, giving your workforce the opportunity to mix working from home and coming on-site is part of this people's first approach.

Also, all those criteria that workers are currently looking at (more than ever) are increasing efficiency and productivity. When you think about it, hybrid work models can definitely be a trigger for career growth and consequently, a salary increase in the long run. It seems that it is an aspect that job seekers are taking into account more.

Person accepting a new job
Person accepting a new job

Reason 2: Flexible Work Schedules are a Trend That is Here To Stay

The pandemic has forced companies to offer their teams more flexibility. Employers and employees have both noticed the benefits of this working model. However, now that the situation is getting better, some companies are trying to go back to a traditional work model.  

While people have voiced the need to go to the office, they’ve also clearly expressed the importance of having the choice to work from home. On one side, according to a survey from EdenWorkplace, 52% of employees are looking forward to social interactions with their colleagues on-site. On the other side, a FlexJobs survey about remote work revealed that 65 % of participants “said they want to remain full-time remote workers after the pandemic. Another 33% prefer a hybrid work arrangement, while only 2% say they want to return to the office full-time.”

Businesses offering hybrid schedule opportunities and more flexibility also tend to notice more engagement, more productivity, a better work-life balance, less absenteeism and less burnout among their collaborators.

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Reason 3: Matching Employees’ Needs is the Only Way to Compete for Talent

 Talent attraction is a difficult task as people know what they want for their careers and are ready to do everything they can to reach their professional goals. Today, it is  even harder for HR teams who are not working in a hybrid company to find talent. Are you wondering why this is more difficult? The reason is simple. Thanks to hybrid work, job seekers can now apply for any organisation worldwide and work remotely. This work model top employees the opportunity to do the job they like while maintaining all the advantages of working from anywhere.

We are in a new era where employee well-being comes first and adapting to these changes is a must to stay in the race. Employee-centricity has to be your top priority to compete with other companies in terms of talent attraction. Embracing the new ways of working also shows your potential candidates that you are an innovative business that is ready for change and to embrace the trends of New Work.

Candidate being interviewed for a job
Candidate being interviewed for a new job

Reason 4: Promoting Hybrid Work is a Key Solution for Being More Inclusive

Hybrid work is not only an excellent concept for businesses that wish to provide better work-life balance, but it is also allows businesses to be more inclusive when hiring new talent.

As mentioned before, being able to work from home offers a better work-life balance. For parents, companies that provide flexibility have a huge advantage in comparison to non-hybrid organisations, especially for women. Indeed, according to the famous the Women in the Workplace survey carried out every year, “women continue to face a broken rung at the first step up to manager:for every 100 men promoted to manager, only 86 women are promoted.” Quite often, this results from women having more family responsibilities. Flexible work is the solution for organisations to help women balance their family life and their careers while also reducing the gender gap in the high positions.

Working from home also helps include talent that suffer from health issues like chronic health conditions or disabilities. The benefits of hybrid work (less commute, less stress, more flexibility, etc.) match these needs a lot more than working for a company with a classic office model. 

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Reason 5: Focusing on Employee Experience is What Matters Most

How employees feel towards the company they are working for can have a huge impact on reputation and consequently talent attraction. Aspects such as having an employee-centric approach, being inclusive or showing a modern work vision are part of the main criteria for job seekers nowadays. Hybrid work is now a huge component of employee experience. Therefore, a business that is ready to adapt and offer a hybrid schedule has a big advantage in comparison to companies that resist saying new work trends.

Job interview over video call
Job interview over video call

Are you looking for solutions to increase your employee retention and attract new talent?Are home-office arrangements part of your employee benefits? We hope this article helps you to understand why hybrid work acts as a magnet for talent attraction. Is managing a hybrid space keeping you from offering this opportunity to your workforce?

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Paulyne is a hybrid work specialist, who writes about sustainability, flexible work models and employee experience.

5 reasons why hybrid companies attract new talent