From desk chaos to deskbird: NPO Torino's success story

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From desk chaos to deskbird: NPO Torino's success story

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October 31, 2023


Lorenzo Mao, IT Manager at NPO Torino

NPO Torino is a leading IT service provider based in Turin, Italy, specializing in delivering comprehensive IT solutions to businesses across various industries. With a team of 300 dedicated professionals, NPO Torino offers high-quality services in IT consulting, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and managed IT services. Rapid growth over the last three years and the shift to hybrid work required an innovative approach to managing their workplace efficiently. 


Unprecedented growth and uncertainty

As NPO Torino expanded, the organization faced significant challenges in managing its hybrid workplace. The available desks were no longer sufficient for the growing number of employees, and their existing system, Microsoft Booking, lacked the necessary features and flexibility. The emergence of COVID-19 emphasized the need for a hybrid work model, prompting the implementation of a 50% work-from-home arrangement. However, coordinating desk bookings and meeting room reservations became increasingly difficult, resulting in scheduling conflicts, under utilized spaces, and decreased employee satisfaction.

"The company experienced fast growth in terms of employees in the last three years. With COVID-19, we understood that hybrid working was essential", explained Lorenzo Mao. "We needed a smooth, easy-to-use, and flexible solution".


deskbird stood out amongst other alternatives

NPO Torino turned to deskbird to address these challenges. After thorough research, deskbird was selected for its excellent integration with MS Teams and hassle-free user experience. deskbird's comprehensive solution facilitated desk booking and week planning, and soon meeting room reservations for NPO Torino. The app's intuitive interface and real-time updates ensured everyone was on the same page, reducing scheduling conflicts and optimizing space utilization.

"deskbird won the bid due to its good integration with MS Teams and the enthusiasm of our pilot users", Lorenzo noted. "Our employees found the product easy to use and appreciated its integration with O365 office tools".

The implementation process was smooth, with most employees adapting well. Additional training was provided for some, and "priority access areas" were created to satisfy all employees' needs. The app's well-designed interface and valuable features (like the check-in policy) stood out, eliminating overbooking and unattended reservations.


Thanks to deskbird, we have created a more dynamic and supportive workplace. Our team is happier and more productive, which ultimately helps us achieve our mission more effectively.

Lorenzo Mao

IT Manager


"deskbird has transformed the way we manage our workplace," said Lorenzo. "The app's user-friendly features and real-time updates have made a tremendous difference in our daily operations."

NPO Torino now enjoys a more organized, flexible, and collaborative work environment.

The successful integration of deskbird enhanced operational efficiency and boosted employee morale and productivity, allowing the team to focus on driving social change and innovation.

From desk chaos to deskbird: NPO Torino's success story