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Best desk booking app for B2B companies & universities


June 6, 2023


March 27, 2024

In today's modern work environment, desk booking software has become crucial for companies to manage their workspace efficiently. Whether you're a business-to-business (B2B) organization, an educational institution, a real estate owner, or an agency, desk booking software can help streamline office operations. This article aims to understand the top desk booking software available today, catering to various industries.

Understanding desk booking software

What is desk booking software?

Desk booking software is a cloud-based technology that enables businesses to optimize their office space and improve staff productivity. Using an online platform, it allows employees to reserve workspaces, including desks, meeting rooms, and other facilities. Desk booking software automates and simplifies the booking process, saving time and minimizing errors that could arise from manual booking systems.

One of the critical features of desk booking software is its ability to provide real-time information on the availability of workspaces. Employees can quickly check the availability of desks or meeting rooms and book them with just a few clicks. By eliminating the need for employees to search for available workspaces, they can focus more on their work.

Benefits of using desk booking software

Desk booking software offers a multitude of benefits for businesses, including:

  • Higher productivity: With desk booking software, employees can easily find and book workspaces, which can help them to be more productive. Avoid the frustration and time consumption of searching for an available desk or meeting room by eliminating the need for it.
  • Increased efficiency: Desk booking software automates and simplifies the booking process, saving time and minimizing errors that could arise from manual booking systems. Implementing this can enhance efficiency and reduce the workload of administrative personnel.
  • Better workspace management: Desk booking software provides real-time information on the availability of workspaces, which can help businesses to manage their office space better. Implementing this measure can help decrease overcrowding and optimize the usage of workspaces.
  • Lower operating costs: Businesses can reduce operating costs by optimizing office space usage. One way to save on expenses is by minimizing the required office space, leading to decreased rent and utility expenses.
  • Improved work-life balance for employees: Desk booking software allows employees to reserve workspaces that are most convenient for them. Reducing commuting time and finding available workspaces can help improve work-life balance.

Desk booking software is valuable for businesses looking to optimize their office space and improve staff productivity. Companies can save time, increase efficiency, and reduce operating costs by automating and simplifying the booking process. Additionally, employees can benefit from improved work-life balance by reserving workspaces that are most convenient for them.

Best desk booking software for B2B & universities

Effective workspace management is critical for any B2B organization and universities. Here are some of the top B2B desk booking software solutions:

  1. deskbird: If you're looking for a workplace management system that puts your employees first, deskbird is the only solution you need. Our software has undergone meticulous design and development to ensure that it provides an exceptional, fast, intuitive user experience.deskbird integrates with popular platforms like O365, G-Suite, MS Teams, and Slack, making it easy to use and highly versatile. With deskbird, you can equip your employees with all the essential tools they need to thrive and excel in their work.
  2. Teem: Teem is a desk booking software that provides detailed analytics and data visualization, allowing businesses to optimize their workspace effectively.
  3. Asimut: Asimut is a comprehensive solution that streamlines room and resource booking, course scheduling, and attendance tracking. The software integrates with other enterprise applications, such as Canvas and Blackboard.

Features to look for in B2B desk booking software

If you're selecting desk booking software for your B2B company, consider these important features:

  • Analytics and reporting features: Desk booking software should provide detailed analytics and data visualization to help businesses optimize their workspace effectively.
  • Integration with other enterprise applications: Desk booking software should integrate seamlessly with other enterprise applications, such as Microsoft Outlook and Slack, to enhance productivity.
  • User-friendly interface: It is essential for desk booking software, allowing employees to book spaces easily and without complications.
  • Mobile compatibility: Desk booking software should be compatible with mobile devices to allow employees to book spaces on the go.

Case Study n. 1: deskbird as a solution for desk booking in a B2B company

Testbirds, a B2B software development company devoted to help businesses develop high-quality digital products that users love., struggled to manage its workspace effectively after Covid hit. They had a manual booking system that was time-consuming and error-prone. After implementing deskbird's desk booking software, the company saw a significant increase in productivity and efficiency. The decisive factors were, in particular, the possibility to note down the available equipment at each desk, and deskbird’s modern design. Furthermore, it was important to Testbirds to be able to easily track and see at one glance who is sitting where. Employees were more organized, and workspace management became a lot easier. The company also realized cost savings, as they could optimize their workspace more effectively.

Read more about Testbirds here.

Features to look for in education desk booking software

If you're searching for desk booking software for educational institutions, it's important to consider these essential features:

  • Integration with school management systems: Desk booking software that integrates with school management systems can help institutions manage their spaces more efficiently.
  • User-friendly interface for students and faculty: A user-friendly interface can make it easier for students and faculty to book workspaces and access their schedules.
  • The ability to customize booking rules and policies: Customizable booking rules and guidelines can help institutions manage their spaces more effectively and reduce scheduling conflicts.
  • Mobile compatibility: Mobile compatibility can make it easier for students and faculty to book workspaces and access their schedules on the go.

Case Study n. 2: deskbird as a solution for IU university

IU International University of Applied Sciences is a top education provider in Germany, constantly innovating to improve education. They offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields and formats to make education accessible to all. Each year, over 75,000 students choose IU to pursue their educational goals.

Due to the pandemic, the demand for flexible working options has increased. IU was one of the first companies to adopt this approach. Their office spaces are designed to accommodate various work styles, including focus work, collaboration, meetings, project spaces, and socializing. Unfortunately, their initial desk booking solution could not handle large amounts of data and meet the needs of flexible work arrangements.

IU confidently introduced its deskbird to 800 employees in Germany during the summer of 2021. The product was tailored explicitly to IU's requirements following a project kickoff and some personalized adjustments. Just a week before its launch, IU proudly announced the imminent implementation of deskbird.

Read more on IU & deskbird partnership here.

Integrating desk booking software in a business can have numerous advantages. It can help streamline workspace management, reduce operational costs, and improve staff productivity. Many vendors offer such services, so organizations can choose a solution that suits their industry needs.

Get a free demo of our deskbird app now and discover everything you need to know about desk booking and other features.