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July 4, 2022


June 16, 2023

How do you  coordinate a modern workspace without using office space management software? Because of new work trends such as work flexibility, many workers have a brand-new vision of the office. The on-site experience is now more personal, not just a place where employees go to perform their jobs. They schedule their office days to meet up with their team, attend a specific meeting, or simply maintain social contact with their colleagues. How do you adapt to these new working trends? Is your office matching the needs of a hybrid workspace? How can an intuitive workplace solution benefit your company and your workforce? At deskbird, we aim to help you embrace the future of work, especially the hybrid work model. Our tool supports Human Resources departments, facility administrators, hybrid team leaders, and most importantly, your employees. Here is everything you need to know about space management tools and why they are vital for modern businesses.

What is office space management software?

A need triggered by new work practices

The pandemic reshuffled the  way we  work, introducing more flexibility in our professional lives. A few years ago, scheduling a work day according to our personal calendar was not an option. Imagine telling your boss: ‘I am not  coming  to the office next week because I’m  working from my sister-in-law’s place in Madrid!’.  How would your boss have reacted? 

But today, hybrid work is part of our lives. As you may know, some companies require their workforce to return to the office full time. As employee experience is more important than ever, we believe (like many other successful businesses) that enabling a mix between remote work and office days is the perfect solution. According to a recent study from the ONS (Office for National Statistics), 78% of employees working from a home office report a better work-life balance.

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A simple and user-friendly digital solution

This dramatic evolution of how we work  inevitably leads to a few changes in our relationship with our workplace. It is crucial for hybrid companies to gain insight into workspace utilization. What is the occupancy rate? Does the office layout match the requirements of hybrid teams while still enhancing employee productivity? How can your workers plan their schedule and book the desk they need? Office space management software answers all the workplace necessities resulting from the New Work trends.

Furthermore, technology is  a big part of our lives. Sp, we  take advantage of it in our professional life as well. With a space management platform, you provide your employees with an intuitive hot desking system. When using the deskbird app, they can schedule the entire week in only 5 clicks. But it doesn’t only make your employees’ lives easier. The deskbird app also uplifts hybrid businesses in many ways with its innovative features.

three men working on laptop on geometric white table
Co-workers collaborating in-office

How does it benefit your hybrid workspace?

Space Optimization

With actual data about your hybrid workspace, space optimization becomes easier. You can spot any relevant issue or area of improvement by simply analyzing how your workforce uses the workspace. Your office design should also reflect your corporate values. If you have a people-first culture, reorganizing the  space according to your employees’ needs is a must. A desk booking app can support you by providing a modern tool that enables your workers to enjoy the office space at its best.

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Maximizing your workspace often leads to reducing office expenses. With more people working from home, many businesses realize their office layout is no longer appropriate. Why would you keep providing an individual desk for each employee if half of them are operating remotely? It is very important to know which office space types your workforce needs (single desks, meeting rooms, shared workspaces, etc.)Not only that. Choosing the right layout can also lower your real-estate costs and significantly decrease your office expenses (maintenance, electricity and water bills, etc.).

Health and Safety management

Keeping a safe workplace is among the main priorities of companies worldwide. But how do you maintain health and safety in the workplace? The concept of hybrid work encourages your workforce to stay at home when they feel unwell. It plays a big role in avoiding the spread of any bacteria and viruses. Office space management software allows employees to quickly reschedule their week when an unexpected event occurs, including getting sick. deskbird’s app also provides a health feature that supports you in tracing any health issue in accordance with the OHS (Organizational Health and Safety) regulations.

Human resources purposes

Implementing a workplace scheduling platform has two main advantages for Human Resources departments. First, it allows them to have a clear idea about the habits of the workforce. This is key to improving the workplace and employee experience. Second, combining workplace technology with a hybrid structure guarantees a magnetic effect on employee retention and talent attraction. Recruiters operating in a company that focuses on their people and their needs have, without a doubt, an advantage compared to businesses with a traditional work model.

Employee experience

A space management tool that offers hybrid work functionalities is a big plus for improving employee experience. It enables workers to improve their work-life balance and remove unnecessary sources of stress like not finding a desk when coming to the office, for example. Its easy use and integration options also support collaborative projects and organizing team meetings from a centralized space. When coming to the office, there might be some people you wish to be sitting close by. That can be either because you are working on similar projects or simply because you work well together. Hot desking helps your employees choose their desks for the day and sit next to their best teammates. The deskbird app is even fitted with an interactive floor plan in case you arrive late and want to quickly spot where your team is located.

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Man working from home on his laptop.

Why is using a space management tool important for your company?

In addition to all the advantages that a space management tool can bring to your hybrid workspace, there are many other factors that push organizations to adopt such digital solutions. Are you wondering why you should use one for your business? Here are a few important reasons that make a space management tool a must-have for any modern organization.

The impact of Millennials and Gen Z on the workplace

While new generations of workers look for flexibility, they also want a workplace that offers access to the latest technology. Millennials and Zoomers (generation Z) grew up with digitalization. Thus, they are expecting to work with efficient tech solutions . Office space management software supports them with what they cherish the most: hybrid work. In a world where automation and Artificial Intelligence are making everything quick, smooth, and easy, a desk booking tool is a basic need for people born after the 80s. While for more mature employees, using such a tool can be perceived as a digital change, for Gen Y and Gen Z workers, an office space management software is a common addition to their day-to-day work life. 

Your employees as your main asset

Is the employee experience more important than the customer experience? Well, there is one concept we are sure about: happy workers equal happy customers! A great employee experience results in more engagement and productivity. However, it is not only about having a positive atmosphere and great company benefits. Employee experience is also about how much effort you put in providing your workers with the tools they need to perform better. 

The new way of work requires a few adjustments, like finding the right communication platform, for example. It also involves creating the right balance between Zoom calls, chats conversations, and on-site meetings. Workspace management software assists your workforce in finding this equilibrium while also playing a key role in creating efficiency and productivity.

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A digital solution to maintain a positive and healthy work culture

Spotting employees that tend to stay at the office for a few extra hours too often is easy when everybody operates on-site. The same goes for noticing any signs of burnout. But how can you keep an eye on these issues when adopting a hybrid work model? What are the solutions to ensure your team members stop working when they are supposed to? 

According to a survey about preventing burnout from the job platform Indeed, Millenials and Gen Z ‘remain the most affected populations’ by burnout. In 2021, 59% of Millennials and 58% of the Gen Z employees reported signs of burnout. The Gen Xers are following the same sad path. Those numbers show the urgency of enhancing work-life balance, offering more work flexibility, and being employee-centric

Open plan Brick office space with conference tables and chairs
Open-plan collaborative office space

Why is deskbird the best software for space planning?

We hope that by now, you have a deeper understanding of the relevance of workplace management software for your hybrid business. Of course, aspects such as space optimization, cost savings, and desk management are the primary advantages of using this type of digital resource. Nevertheless, the most important reason to get an office space management software is the positive impact it has on your employees’ well-being. This is the reason why the deskbird app focuses on people first. Our desk booking software is intuitive and innovative. 

To embrace the new trends of the future of work, and be ready to face any unexpected challenge (like a global health crisis, for example!), we are constantly improving our tools and adding new features. Here are the characteristics our partners enjoy the most:

Hybrid tools are reshuffling the world of workplace technology. Thanks to office space management software, you can easily create a better structure in your hybrid workspace. Do you want to make the most out of hybrid work and take your employee experience to another level? You can try the deskbird app and its various features for free!

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Paulyne is a hybrid work specialist, who writes about sustainability, flexible work models and employee experience.

Office space management software | Optimizing & scheduling