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A year of accomplishments for the deskbird community


December 29, 2022


June 16, 2023

2022 comes to an end and what a year full of growth, travel, and fun for deskbird! On top of becoming a major European leading workplace management platform, many great moments have marked 2022 for the deskbird community. From meeting up in Italy and Germany to growing our international team and creating new resources to optimize your hybrid workspace, we’ve been busy (in a good way!). Because you are part of our success and continuously help us fly higher and faster, we wanted to share with you the most epic moments that happened at deskbird in 2022. Happy reading and happy holidays to you all!

deskbird in January 2022: Launch of the Health and Safety Check

Can we really return to the office safely without taking the risk of getting and transmitting COVID-19? This was still a major question for employers and employees at the beginning of 2022. So to keep everyone safe and healthy, deskbird launched the Health and Safety Check. The release of this new feature proved how quickly deskbird can adapt to specific conditions. Whatever your needs or specific requirements might be, we always do our best to come up with user-friendly and efficient solutions to optimize your flexible office space.

deskbird in February 2022: 1 million Business Volume Achieved!

February was a big milestone for the deskbird community as reaching 1 million in business volume made us the fastest-growing software company in Europe! A hybrid work model is a must for organizations that aspire to:

The workplace trends for 2023 show that flexible work remains a major topic in the world of work. The deskbird app offers a tailor-made and employee-centric solution for all modern companies and their workforce. 

deskbird in March 2022: Introduction of the Interactive Floor Plan

One of the reasons employees cherish hybrid work more than fully remote is because they want to continue sharing moments with their colleagues in person. But what happens if colleagues cannot find desks next to each other and therefore cannot spend time together or collaborate? To make hybrid work even more enjoyable, avoid frustration, and foster collaboration, our development team created and introduced the interactive floor plan in March 2022. Your employees can see in real time where their teammates are located in the office and instantly book a seat next to them!

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deskbird in April 2022: deskbird Summit in Tuscany

As we always say, working environments play a major role in your employees’ productivity (this is another reason why hybrid work is so successful). So we thought, what’s better than spending three days in Italy altogether to conduct our biannual summit? In April 2022, the desk birds all met in Tuscany for a summit surrounded by the beautiful Italian landscape. It has become one of the best memories for the deskbird team who took this opportunity to bond, discuss, share, create and have a lot of fun!

deskbird in May 2022: deskbird’s 2nd Anniversary!

Time flies like a (desk)bird when you work hybrid! It’s been two years already (and soon three) that we are creating the best workplace management software to support all organizations worldwide to embrace the benefits of flexible work. Our birthday wish is obviously to keep growing in a flourishing!

Woman cutting cake in shape of 2
Jenny celebrating her 2 year anniversary with deskbird.

deskbird in June 2022: Rebranding of deskbird’s Website

The deskbird website got a little makeover right before summer! To make it even more user-friendly and intuitive, we rethought the whole design of our website. You can now find all the information you need about our workplace management solution, the different features available, the pricing system, and a wide range of resources (blog articles, e-books, whitepapers…) sharing key insights about modern work.  

deskbird in July 2022: Web Series & Meet Up in Munich

In July, the hybrid deskbirds met again but in Munich this time! This was a great opportunity to get to know each other better, collaborate in person, have fun and work on a super cool project: a web series! These videos answer all your questions about hybrid work and provide solutions to the most common issues you might encounter. If you don’t have time to read this article fully (although we tried to make it short!), jump to what happened in November 2022 to figure it out! 

deskbird in August 2022: deskbird got  5 million in Funding!

In August 2022 deskbird became the most-funded SaaS startup for workplace management in Europe with a total funding of 6.5 million euros since its creation! This achievement shows how much trust our investors are putting in our vision and our product, making us even more motivated to build the best workplace management software.

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deskbird team standing in front of deskbird sign
deskbird team at Summit.

deskbird in September 2022: Summit in Malta

What would be the point of helping companies and employees to enjoy the benefits of hybrid work if we did not take advantage of this ourselves? We all work from different locations worldwide (Germany, Ireland, the United States, Italy…) and our headquarters are in Munich. But for our second summit this year, we decided to all meet in Malta! Yes, we tend to prefer warm and sunny destinations to the gray Munich weather of our office.

deskbird in October 2022: Launch of the “Productivity Campaign”

How to save space and money? This is a common question for many businesses. So we decided to collect and analyze data over several months (nine to be exact!). This enabled us to build a resource to help companies understand how switching to a flexible work model can make them minimize expenses. Thanks to well-organized office space and workplace management software, like deskbird, you can save up to 30% on office costs!

deskbird in November 2022: Introduction of Mr. Purple Web Series

Do you know Mr. Purple? He is one of the new talents that recently joined the deskbird team! His role consists of helping you solve hybrid work issues (yes, this is the “famous” project the team was working on in July!). Mr. Purple is more than an employee, he is a superhero! Ask him any question and he has a solution for all your flexible workspace management and planning issues. To understand this major figure,  watch Mr. Purple's show on the deskbird YouTube Channel!

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deskbird in December 2022: 60 deskbirds and still counting…

What a year! But something we are particularly happy about and proud of is to have grown the deskbird family! We are now more than 60 people working together to provide an employee-centric and user-friendly tool for all hybrid workers around the world. We are constantly looking for new passionate and talented people! So if you want to be part of a fast-growing startup, work remotely, and enjoy collaborating with an international, talented, fun, and happy team, check out our job openings

deskbird team celebrating christmas on zoom
deskbird team celebrating the holidays and our year of milestones.

This is the last blog article for 2022. A big thank you to all of you for trusting us, making deskbird fly, and embracing the future of work with us! Many projects are already in progress for 2023. We can’t wait to share them and keep creating healthy and positive work environments through employee-centricity and flexible work. Not part of the deskbird community yet? Request a free demo of the deskbird app to discover how it works and how it can benefit you and your team!

A year of accomplishments for the deskbird community

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