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deskbird wrap 2023: what a year!


December 22, 2023


December 28, 2023

It’s a wrap! 2024 is right around the corner. And again, the year flew by like a (desk) bird! So many great adventures happened in the deskbird community. This year was rich and intense, from new feature launches to team events and numerous conferences about the future of work around Europe. As flexible work arrangements have become an essential part of today’s ways of working, our efforts to help you create the most thriving hybrid work environments have gone over the roof. 

Are you wondering about our milestones and what changed in the deskbird community over the last 12 months? Do you want to grab the deskbird vibe and see how we continue to support modern companies in managing their flexible offices in a people-centric and efficient way worldwide? Like in the deskbird wrap 2022, the deskbird wrap 2023 gathers our achievements as a team and the most epic moments of this year!

January 2023: making the news right from the start of the new year

We started the year by making the news (in a good way)! The online magazine IT Zoom, a media specialized in the world of technology, interviewed our co-founder and CEO Ivan Cossu. In the same month, deskbird also got its own article in the German newspaper Handelsblatt. Of course, it’s always great to see deskbird getting more and more attention. This was definitely a great motivational boost to start 2023!

February 2023: diving into the future of work at the Worktech23 Conference in Basel

As advocates of the Future of Work, attending the Worktech23 Conference in Basel was a must for deskbird. From emerging trends to workplace experience, people-centric culture, and technology, we’ve embraced the future of work at its best. 

There is no doubt it was such a blast to be able to attend this conference, listen, and discuss with other amazing leaders of flexible work. In case you wonder, at that time, experts were already saying that working hybrid is no longer a question but a must to make your business and your people thrive!

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Chris at worktech basel
Chris, our VP of Marketing, at WORKTECH Basel

March 2023: receiving one of the awards we are the most proud of

deskbird puts a lot of effort into building an employee-centric, inclusive, diverse, and supportive corporate culture (we guess we don’t need to mention how important work flexibility is for us, right?) Together, we have succeeded in creating one of the best places to work and received an official certification for it in March 2023. We believe in a workplace encouraging people to become the best version of themselves personally and professionally; obviously, it’s paying off! 

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April 2023: stepping into a month of new awards and gratefulness

The deskbird app was awarded multiple prizes in April 2023, starting with the Product Hunt awards. To get this recognition, we’ve worked for months to create the best features and compete against the best competitors in the software and tech industry. We finally ranked second in the “Product of the Day category”! 

But that’s not it. We also got rewarded with the G2 “High Performer” and “Leader” badges for the categories “space management,” “desk booking, “meeting room booking,” and “hybrid enablement.” These certifications made us proud, grateful, and unconditionally motivated to continue supporting you in managing your flexible workspaces!

May 2023: launching our latest Slack integration and flying to Birmingham’s workplace management event

Most teams around the world now use Slack which is one of the most common and effective communication channels for work. Well, in May, we launched our latest Slack integration feature. It includes features like desk and room booking, week scheduling, and a notifications system. This was another step to make flexible work management more people-centric and efficient. 

May was also an eventful month, making us fly to beautiful Birmingham to attend the UK’s largest workplace and facilities management professionals gathering. We’ve got the chance to meet the top 50 workplace leaders and continue to learn more about the role of facility innovation and technology in the office of the future.

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June 2023: keeping pace with an essential stopover in London and another feature launch

In June, London hosted the Unworking Conference, and as future of work advocates, we had to be part of it. For two days, the topics of smart technologies and workplace experience were on the table. This event was a great opportunity to meet like-minded people sharing the same aspiration to create a more employee-centric work environment using modern work practices and technology.

Talking about tech, we kept improving the deskbird experience by launching another people-centric feature: the assigned desk and resources feature. Because everyone has different needs and preferences, administrators now have the option to allocate a specific workspace to someone. Like this, team members who wish always to have the same desk or parking spot are guaranteed to have it.  

July 2023: working hard on making the deskbird app the best desk booking software

In appearance, July 2023 seemed relatively calm for the deskbird team. We didn’t launch a new feature that month, and we didn’t attend any specific big event either. Yet, all deskbirds, regardless of their working location, worked hard to continue developing the best desk booking software. 

We analyzed your feedback and compared it to the future trends of work to develop new user-friendly and valuable features to upgrade the deskbird app. From an outside point of view, it was a quiet month. But from the inside, our team brainstormed innovative ideas to help you create the best flexible work environment!

August 2023: launching the highly demanded HRIS integration

Tracking employees' absences and synchronizing this data with your workspace management system was one of the most requested features from the deskbird community. 

No sooner said than done. The deskbird development team worked hard to create this feature. 

With HRIS integration, approved sick notes, leaves, and absences are automatically synchronized with the deskbird week planning feature. This efficiency and time-saving feature supports seamless integration with the most common HRIS software, including Bamboo HR, WorkDay, Personio, Sage, Factorial, HiBob, Rippling, and Sap Success Factors.

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The company summit in Montenegro
The company summit in Montenegro

September 2023: becoming the highest-funded SaaS startup in Europe for workplace management and meeting in Montenegro

September was a blast! 

From both a business and a human point of view, we couldn’t have thrived more. 

First, two new investors believe in us and are joining us on the deskbird adventure. Their investment as part of Series A funding makes us the highest-funded SaaS startup in Europe for workplace management. What an achievement and another motivation boost! 

But September was also the time for our annual team summit. This year, we met in beautiful Montenegro. This place was the perfect spot to meet in person, discuss new projects, and celebrate together! 

October 2023: releasing the office event feature and flying to Paris

Another great feature released in 2023 in the deskbird app is the office event feature

One of the challenges in a flexible work environment is to keep a strong corporate culture and foster connections among people. This is just what this feature aims to do. Within a few clicks, you can set an event, invite colleagues, confirm your presence, and add it to your deskbird week planning! 

October was also the 10th edition of the UNLEASH World Conference in Paris, which focused on HR trends and technology. Attending this event was a must as the deskbird app doesn’t only aim to manage workspaces and book desks. It also helps to design a human-centered work environment. 

November 2023: preparing for 2024 at the Worktech Conference in London

After the Worktech Conference in Basel in February, we also attended the one in London in November to discover the new trends to expect in the future of work in 2024. This event was the perfect occasion to discuss with professionals from different sectors (HR, IT, Facility management, etc.) and get their insights regarding the workplace of tomorrow. 

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Sam at worktech london
Sam, our Growth Manager, speaking at WORKTECH London

December 2023: closing a great year meeting up around Europe

As the year draws to a close, the diverse teams at deskbird come together for a much-anticipated in-person gathering. Nestled in thoughtfully chosen locations that inspire creativity and collaboration, our deskbirds engage in intensive brainstorming sessions, where innovative ideas are born, and future plans are meticulously crafted.

Despite all the work, there's some fun too. The days are also filled with laughter and camaraderie. Social activities and team-building exercises allow everyone to unwind and connect more personally. 

These annual meet-ups go beyond the boundaries of conventional corporate meetings. They are, in fact, a celebration of the year's successes, a platform for setting ambitious goals, and a testament to the power of bringing together a team that usually operates in hybrid settings.

They also represent the embodiment of deskbird's commitment to professional excellence and nurturing a workplace culture that values human connection, joy, and the spirit of togetherness.

And voilà! The year comes to an end, and so does the deskbird wrap 2023! We hope you liked it and that it helped you see how much deskbird has evolved over the last 12 months and the milestones we’ve reached; thanks to you!

This was a beautiful year, and we can’t wait to try to fly even higher in 2024. We wish you the most beautiful holidays and see you next year (week) with new content to support you in creating a thriving work environment! ✨

deskbird wrap 2023: what a year!

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