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17 Employee wellness ideas to boost your team’s health and morale


June 11, 2024


June 11, 2024

Imagine a workplace where everyone feels healthier, more engaged, and truly valued. With the right employee wellness ideas, you can make this vision a reality. The goal? Improving physical and mental well-being and addressing specific health issues. Effective programs can cut sick leave by 28%1 and boost trust by 33%2. Offering emotional support, ergonomic furniture, and flexible work options shows your team you are paying attention.

Many companies now realize that workplace wellness activities need to go beyond physical fitness. Surprisingly, only 46% of workers feel supported, even though 80% of employers claim they have health care programs1. So, in this blog, we’ll share 17 initiatives to help you bridge that gap and create a thriving, supportive environment for your team.

The benefits of developing wellness activities for the workplace

Promoting the health of your workforce

Encouraging good habits improves your employees’ health. Physical activity prevents chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. Mental care support, such as counseling and stress management workshops, reduces anxiety and depression. Promoting health boosts individual physiological, psychological, and emotional well-being, which makes your team more dynamic and resilient.

Reducing sick notes and absenteeism

Companies promoting wellness activities tend to register fewer illnesses and absenteeism. They see an up to a 28% reduction in sick days1, meaning fewer disruptions and lower health care costs. To keep your employees healthy and fit, you can, for example, offer flu vaccinations, mental care support, and fitness challenges.

Increasing employee satisfaction and engagement

Work-life balance and benefits greatly affect job satisfaction. So, a well-designed health program can make a big difference. Actually, wellness programs help 61% of employees adopt healthier lifestyle choices3. They’re more passionate, positive, and willing to go the extra mile. Ultimately, engaged workers bring their best selves to work actively and consciously. You’ll have a happier team and lower turnover rates!

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Enabling greater productivity

Health and wellness programs can boost productivity by reducing specific productivity barriers and obstacles. For example, promoting exercise breaks and ergonomic practices in the workplace prevents fatigue and injuries. Healthy employees are more efficient, focused, and dynamic. Regular movement, a balanced diet, and self-care support help maintain high energy levels and lower stress. Therefore, companies that prioritize active living tend to be more productive.

Enhancing a people-centric work environment

When we talk about workplace wellness activities, we need to rethink what well-being means. By taking a personalized approach to corporate welfare, you will be able to truly understand your coworkers’ needs. In turn, this enhances a culture of cohesion and inclusion by creating a more people-centric work environment. The more you support your staff’s well-being, the more employee-centricity increases, and the more your team members feel valued and supported. This is a virtuous circle. 

The 8 dimensions of wellness


Offer gym access, healthy snacks, and regular exercise breaks. This covers everything from good nutrition and physical activity to ergonomics and weight management. Small changes like standing desks or walking meetings can make a big difference. Keeping your staff moving boosts overall health and prevents chronic illnesses.


Mental wellness is key to staying focused. Help your team manage stress with counselling, workshops, and mindfulness training. Encourage work-life balance to prevent burnout. Create quiet spaces and provide access to mental health apps. Psychological support shows you care, leading to a more engaged and productive workplace. When your employees know their well-being matters, they feel more motivated and less anxious.


Emotional wellness is about handling your feelings effectively. At work, this aspect is often overlooked. It takes a lot of mental capacity to keep up with strict deadlines, demanding clients, toxic coworkers, and never-ending to-do lists. The results? In the process, people neglect their psychological well-being, escalating exhaustion and disengagement. You can empower your employees by making sure they feel safe sharing their emotions. Encourage open communication and support so everyone feels valued. 


We, as humans, are lifetime learners. This means our brains are always open to learning new things, thinking and questioning, and mastering different skills. Intellectual wellness at work starts with recognizing your employees’ cognitive abilities and strengths and promoting their development. To keep their minds sharp, offer workshops, courses, and access to educational resources. Also, we recommend you encourage creativity and problem-solving through teamwork and projects.

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Money-stressed employees aren’t the most productive or loyal workers. You can help your team get more out of their pay-checks by offering financial wellness programs. Give them resources to manage their budgets better: investment education books, retirement planning information, and access to expert advisors. Plus, having more control over money leads to less stress and improved mental health for everyone.


Social wellness is about developing strong relationships. Plan team-building activities, social events, and collaborative projects. A cohesive group works better together. Foster a supportive culture with lots of social interaction. This enhances trust, boosts morale, and improves cooperation. Creating opportunities for community engagement helps employees feel more connected and valued.

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17 employee wellness ideas to choose from

1. Provide access to sport

Make exercising easy for your employees. Offer gym membership discounts or sports app subsidies. What about in-office sports classes or special rates at local gym clubs? Regular physical activity improves health, boosts energy, and lifts moods. When you support your team’s fitness, you create a healthier and more active workplace. Plus, doing sports helps reduce stress and makes everyone feel better! 💪

2. Organize activities around team bonding

Including team-building activities in your wellness program is always a good idea. First, most companies have the resources to implement them successfully. Second, these activities not only promote teamwork but also foster a strong sense of community and trust between employees. These aspects are key to everyone’s mental health. Lastly, these initiatives can help reduce stress, improve morale, and contribute to creating a positive office culture. We all enjoy game nights, cooking classes, and outdoor adventures, right?

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3. Give mental health support

Comprehensive wellness programs for preventing and treating mental health problems are essential for your staff’s overall well-being. Organize educational sessions on emotions and resilience. Provide your team with apps that help them sleep and reduce stress. Try setting up a meditation room, mindfulness workshops, and yoga classes at work. Don’t forget to make mental health training mandatory for your company’s leaders so they’re aware and invested in their employees’ well-being, too.

4. Invest in ergonomic furniture

Sitting in furniture that supports the body contributes to a positive workplace and one that prioritizes employees’ safety and well-being. Ergonomic chairs and desks are designed to encourage natural movement and relaxed posture while relieving the lumbar region, neck, and head. Good ergonomics reduce the risk of musculoskeletal issues, enhance comfort, and increase productivity.

5. Offer healthy food options on-site and off-site

Offer healthy food options to support your employees’ nutrition. Serve nourishing lunches and snacks in the office to encourage better eating habits. For remote workers, partner with meal delivery services or grocery stores for discounts and easy access to high-quality foods. These initiatives improve overall health, boost energy, and enhance focus. 

6. Give access to financial education solutions

Monetary programs have traditionally focused on retirement planning, but today, they need to be holistic. Provide your employees with financial education solutions that offer expert guidance and cover all aspects of their finances (budget management, tax preparation, saving goals, debt reduction, investment, etc.).

7. Create sustainability initiatives community at work

Organizing events to implement more sustainability in business fosters a community feeling. Encourage eco-friendly practices like recycling programs, energy-saving measures, and collective clean-up events. Form green teams or sustainability committees to engage employees in meaningful activities. These efforts promote environmental responsibility while enabling your staff to act for the planet. With the rise of eco-anxiety, integrating sustainability into your workplace culture creates a sense of shared purpose and contributes to a positive, forward-thinking environment.

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8. Launch wellness challenges for everyone

Get your staff into healthy habits with fun and inclusive wellness challenges. How about trying to drink 2 liters of water daily for a week? Avoid goals like “10,000 steps per day” because not everyone will be able to do that. For example, it might be impossible to achieve for people with mobility issues. By making activities accessible to all, you engage your whole team and create a healthier and more inclusive work environment. This way, anyone can join in and feel good about their progress.

9. Organize weekly sports group activities

Think about setting up weekly sports activities like biking, running, or hiking after work. These group events are great for staying healthy and getting to know each other better. Regular exercise boosts your physical condition, reduces stress, and gives you more energy. The whole office being involved fosters a wellness culture and helps everyone bond. Plus, these sessions double as informal team-building exercises, improving communication and cooperation. It’s a fun way to keep fit and connect with your peers.

10. Design relaxation areas in the office

Set up relaxation spots in your office for your team members to unwind. Provide comfy seating, calming decor, and amenities like coffee stations or book nooks. These lounge areas give everyone a much-needed break from work, reducing stress and preventing burnout. Having dedicated relaxation spaces shows you care about your employees’ well-being. Plus, these zones encourage casual chats, helping people feel more connected and improving overall morale. 

11. Organize online and offline events to celebrate employees’ milestones and anniversaries

Recognition plays a key role in supporting employee morale and mental health. Celebrate your team’s milestones and anniversaries with both online and offline events. Host virtual parties, give shout-outs at team meetings, or organize in-person gatherings. Acknowledging these special moments shows appreciation for your staff’s hard work, which boosts the spirit and helps everyone feel valued. Personalized tokens or awards can make these celebrations even more memorable and meaningful.

12. Enable flexible work arrangements

Flexible work arrangements are key to a better work-life balance. Therefore, we suggest you allow your employees to choose their work hours or location. This reduces stress and improves overall well-being. Flexible schedules give people more time for personal activities like exercise, hobbies, and family time. Supporting flexibility at work indicates that you value their diverse needs and wish to contribute to their mental and physical health.

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13. Make stretch and movement breaks part of your employees’ daily routine

​​Encourage regular stretching and movement breaks during the day. Short breaks for stretching or light exercises prevent stiffness and discomfort from prolonged sitting. These activities improve circulation, reduce musculoskeletal issues, and boost energy levels. Making movement a part of the workday shows your commitment to employee health and leads to a more active and engaged workforce.

14. Install treadmills desks in the office

Install treadmill desks to promote physical activity during work. People can walk while working, reducing the negative effects of prolonged sitting. Treadmill desks improve cardiovascular health, boost energy, and enhance mood. They encourage movement and help employees stay focused and productive. By incorporating treadmill desks, you support physical wellness in the workplace.

15. Create an on-site garden for employees to take care of

Having a garden at work can do wonders. Nature reduces stress, improves mood, and gives a sense of accomplishment. An on-site garden lets your team take refreshing breaks and reboot whenever needed. It’s also a great way to encourage teamwork and provide fresh produce for the office catering department if you have one (otherwise, you can share among your team!). This green space helps everyone recharge and connect with nature.

16. Provide on-site childcare facilities

No matter if they work remotely, hybrid, or in-office, working parents need to juggle childcare. With companies focusing more on holistic support, childcare is becoming part of wellness programs. Having on-site childcare reduces stress for moms and dads by cutting down on cost and commute and boosts engagement. Employees using this perk are often more productive because they’re not worrying about their kids. It’s definitely a win-win!

17. Enable constant learning and growth (personal and professional)

Offer personal and professional development opportunities to help your team keep learning and growing. Consider giving people access to workshops, courses, and training programs. Support mentorship projects, book clubs, and online learning platforms. When employees continue to learn, they stay engaged, motivated, and ready for new challenges.

The role of the deskbird app in helping you promote your employee wellness program

Think of deskbird as your go-to for wellness events. With its office event feature, you can easily schedule and manage wellness activities, making sure everyone is in the loop and excited to join. deskbird simplifies event planning and coordination so you can create a better wellness program. Plus, it works with tools like MS Teams and Slack, so communication and participation are as easy as a child’s play!

You can make your office better by putting your team’s health and happiness first. With these 17 employee wellness ideas, you’re ready to improve their physical, emotional, and mental well-being, and overall job satisfaction. Implementing wellness activities for the workplace, like sports and psychological support, covers all bases. deskbird makes it easy to plan these gatherings and get everyone involved. You show your team members you care by investing in corporate wellness programs. So, start today and transform your business into a happier, healthier environment. Don’t forget, deskbird ensures your staff doesn’t miss your wellness activities and events thanks to its office event feature.

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17 Employee wellness ideas to boost your team’s health and morale

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