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Workspace management: purpose and benefits


August 2, 2022


May 24, 2023

Do you aim to  develop  a seamless workflow for your team? How do you optimize your office space? What is your strategy to improve employee experience? Workspace management focuses on these key aspects and many others to create a frictionless and positive professional environment. For organizations of all sizes and industries, this represents a core pillar for success. Sometimes referred to as facility management, its scope is much greater than simply  the supervision of the physical space. Now that a lot of businesses have discovered the many advantages that a flexible work model provides, managing the  workspace efficiently is essential. Would you like to know more about workspace management ? What are the organizational areas that are covered? We will also emphasize the benefits for both employees and employers, as well as the solutions for  upgrading your work environment.

What is workspace management?

Workspace management is a system that focuses on a many office functions to build a productive and comfortable setting for employees. Not only does it improve your office space, but it also enhances your workers’ experience. To give you a better glimpse of what we are talking about, here are a few examples:

  • managing the physical workspace;
  • ensuring a frictionless workflow;
  • matching workers’ expectations;
  • encouraging collaboration;
  • focusing on employee wellbeing;
  • spotting facilities issues;
  • creating  more sustainable solutions;
  • implementing modern technology;
  • etc.

The ultimate goal is to create a work environment in which teams have everything they require to perform their job to the best of their ability  and a place where they feel they belong. To reach this goal, the workplace manager can decide to adopt a flexitime policy, using a desk booking software, or set up chill areas for people to switch off when needed, for example. It is important to keep in mind that employee experience is  a major topic for businesses as many realize the gains of transitioning from a customer first to an employee-centric approach. Workspace management improves their overall experience, not only when coming on-site but also when working remotely.

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What are the benefits of workspace management?

The perks of creating a well-managed professional environment for employees

An effective workspace management strategy impacts every aspect of your organization positively. Since your employees are your best asset, you are probably wondering how it can improve their professional experience. Here are a few examples of what workspace management tools can do.

Ensure security and safety at work

The health, safety and security of your workforce should always be one of your main concerns. For example,  using a COVID-19 screening tool when coming back after the pandemic reassured the workforce and made sure everybody stayed safe. This type of digital solution becomes vital for supporting workspace managers in  maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

Improves employee experience

The great news is, most of us can go back to work on-site! However, the new trends are highlighting a need for businesses to implement a hybrid work model instead of a full return to the office to meet workers’ requirements. Week planning systems support you in doing so and therefore, improve  your employee experience.

Increases productivity

A workspace management software is based on the idea of having all data and insights in  one place. This helps workers optimize their time and be more efficient. It also ensures a smooth workflow and makes collaborative tasks easier.

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The advantages of implementing workspace management for employers

Any employee perks  will automatically have a meaningful impact on your business, becoming a benefit for employers as well Workplace management benefits gained by employers will also have positive consequences for the workforce. We won’t mention them all as some can be really specific to your industry or job . But here are a few common benefits of  workspace management: 

Collect relevant data

Data is key because  knowing how your workspace is used or what your employees working habits are, can help you make  decisions accordingly. For this reason, it is essential to have a regular look at your workplace analytics, which provide valuable insights that lead to significant improvement. 

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Optimize the office layout

With  these insights, you may realize your workspace no longer fits your employees’ expectations or needs. Why  would you keep dozens of individual desks if your workforce mainly operates remotely or uses meeting rooms when on-site? A workspace management tool gives you key information to reshuffle and plan your office space to better match your hybrid team’s needs.

Make greener choices

Eco-friendly initiatives become more important for attracting talent, , especially among the Millennials and Gen-Z. Workspace management tools can analyze your CO2 emissions and energy consumption, for instance. Based on this information, you can make greener choices to improve sustainability in the office and share your progress with your employees and your community.

Reduce company costs

Optimizing your workspace might mean renting a smaller office or implementing a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. Besides, making greener choices may include exploiting sensors and automation in HVAC systems. These are only three examples of actions you can take to reduce your office costs in the short or in the long run.

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Analytics drive workplace improvements

How can you improve your professional environment?

Include your team and discuss areas of progress

This should always be the first step  when you plan to initiate change in your organization. Your workers are a vital resource when it comes to defining what works and what doesn’t.  They are also the first to be impacted when transformations are made. Employees  are using the office space and the workplace technology you implement. Collecting feedback and discussing how to improve the environment is important for   that promote a positive workplace culture.

Study your workplace analytics

As mentioned earlier, your workplace insights are crucial for  making relevant choices about the workplace. One solution for  improving  your professional environment is to analyze your current data. It will give you a clear idea about  your strengths and weaknesses. Once, you have gotten all the information you need, combine it  with your employees’ feedback and set up a plan for change . 

Use modern office technology

According to the  needs and size of the organization, several options are available for coordinating your office space efficiently. Big corporations tend to pick an all-in-one digital workspace management platform that can be integrated into their systems such as the deskbird software, for example. Not  every digital solution will match your requirements, but , some are tailored-made, like the deskbird app. 

Stay updated about the latest trends for the future of work

We live in an era when everything is changing and evolving rapidly . The pandemic accelerated the reshuffle of work trends,  pushing businesses to allow more flexibility. To get the most of your workspace management strategy, you need to know  what the future of work will look like  and how the employees’ expectations are developing. 

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Workspace  management covers  every aspect of your professional environment from handling your desk booking system to managing your employees data. We hope this article gives you a better understanding of the purpose of office management and how it can benefit both you and  your employees. This system will become a key supporter of hybrid businesses, allowing them to optimise their office spaces and create a greater employee experience. Are you looking for a user-centric digital solution for hybrid work?

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Workspace management: purpose and benefits

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