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Hybrid office made it simple: deskbird closes second round of funding

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May 25, 2021

The young company deskbird is developing a software solution to overcome the challenges of hybrid workplaces and enable companies to easily return to the office after the pandemic. The freshly raised capital will be used to expand the team and further develop the solution.

The "plug-and-play" software solution from deskbird is designed to help companies address the challenges of hybrid workplaces in just a few steps. Employees can use the app to plan their work week between home office and office in a few clicks, compare when and where their teammates will be in the office, and book workstations in the office. At the same time, companies gain insights into actual office usage and can specifically adapt their office to the new Covid working world.

deskbird's CEO Ivan Cossu is convinced of the potential: "Almost every company will have a hybrid work model in the future. This requires more coordination and poses certain challenges. But if you master them, the potential is huge: happier employees, better collaboration, stronger culture, and less office space." The mission of deskbird is to enable companies around the world to realize the potential of hybrid work.

Six-figure funding round closed for expansion

deskbird raised a mid-six-figure amount in the funding round to strengthen its team and further develop its software solution. A larger seed financing for international expansion is also planned for the end of 2021. Talks are already underway with various VCs for this financing.

Minimal installation effort with maximum adaptability

deskbird's CPO Jonas Hess explains that hybrid workplace models are a winning concept. Several studies show that a large proportion of employees want a flexible workplace concept in the long term. The deskbird solution was developed precisely for such work concepts:

"Our solution stands out strongly from competitors. We offer maximum adaptability with absolutely minimal installation effort. The fastest customer had set up his hybrid office with us for his employees in under three minutes. Classic office software can't compete with that."

Networking booster during pandemic times

deskbird's solution goes beyond just accounting software. In many companies, the corporate culture suffered from a lack of social exchange between employees during the pandemic. deskbird has a solution for this as well: "Our matching tool automatically generates coffee or lunch dates between people who are in the office on the same day," explains Ivan Cossu. Thus, the office culture is specifically promoted after a long dry spell.

From coworking spaces to a hybrid work model

It all started with coworking spaces, the two founders Cossu and Hess tell us. They have built the leading coworking network in Europe with more than 300 workspaces that can be booked by the hour or day via an app. The network is also accessible in the current solution. This is ideal for companies that want to offer their employees temporary workspaces or meeting rooms close to home on a short-term basis. Thus, the deskbird software is the simplest and at the same time the most holistic solution for companies that want to realize a hybrid workplace in a few minutes.

About deskbird

As the leading workplace management app, deskbird offers a people-centric solution for hybrid companies. Employees can see who is in the office, schedule their office and work-from-home days, and book desks in 2 clicks only. Workplace managers get a birds-eye view of statistics like office occupancy and consumption, helping them to create a flexible workplace experience that employees love. Powering the workplaces of tomorrow, deskbird is one of Europe's fastest-growing SaaS startups. Schaeffler, Heineken, KFC, Knauf, Volksbank, and many more trust deskbird to keep their employees happy and productive.


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