Hybrid Scheduling

Week Planning for Employees in 5 Clicks

Employees see who is in the office to schedule their week accordingly and have in-person meetings, collaborate and socialize.

Hybrid scheduling explained

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1. See office days of colleagues

Your employees can check the overall office occupancy and if their colleagues are coming to the office, working from home, or are absent

2. Plan the entire week

Let your employees schedule their own office, home office and special days in one click per day


3. Book a desk

Already using hot desks? Then add desk booking to let your staff seamlessly reserve a desk for office days

1. Have an easy overview

Know where your employees are working from each day.

2. Foster personal connections

Facilitate collaboration by easily aligning team schedules.

3. Know your office stats

Analyze office usage, manage capacity and get customizable reports on work locations.

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The most intuitive and people-centric solution for hybrid workplaces

All benefits of our work scheduling feature at a glance

One click per day

Plan your entire week in 5 clicks only. Save time on coordinating with your team.

Follow your colleagues

Star your favorite team members and see right away what days they come in.

Align team schedules

Team days, fixed and flexible agendas... No problem with our easy overview!

Fast and easy

One click per day and that's it! Lightning speed scheduling for your flexible workweek.

Analytics for admins

Track office use, office vs. remote days and much more in the analytics section of our administrator portal and export reports.

Support for all devices

Use the mobile or web application, MS Teams or Slack integration to schedule your week in 5 clicks.

Integrations available

Synchronize remote work and out-of-office days with your calendar and other supported software providers.

Capacity management

Set office capacity and prevent over bookings. Optimize workspace usage and save costs.

Integrations that will make everyone's life easier

deskbird seamlessly integrates with your existing software tools for maximal convenience and employee adoption.


Sync of user data with your active directory


Integration into MS Teams and Slack


Two-way sync of meeting room calendars

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Want to learn more about creating a successful hybrid workplace?

"The top reasons for wanting time in the office were to learn and grow professionally, collaborate with colleagues, solve work-related issues and problems, and to socialize."

The Workplace You Need Now - Rishi, Breslau, Miscovich (2022)

"A successful hybrid workplace must manage the frequency of how and when employees are coming to the office, ideally enabled by workplace office reservation and collaboration technology."

The Workplace You Need Now Rishi, Breslau, Miscovich (2022)

"One European home-appliance group divided employees at headquarters into two cohorts. One came in on Mondays and Tuesdays and the other on Thursdays and Fridays, with no rotation. After four months a number of projects had slipped off schedule because many of the people collaborating on them came in on different days and never met in person.

Harvard Business Review, March - April 2021

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